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Construction Services Insurance Agency (CSIA) was founded in 1979 by Theron Skyles. At the time Mr. Skyles ran a license preparatory school, License Information Service (LIS). CSIA was started so that the bonding (and later insurance) needs of the LIS graduates could be met.

From the start, CSIA wrote the bulk of its bonding business through Surety Company of the Pacific (SCP), California’s largest and most experienced writer of contractor’s license bonds. Surety Company of the Pacific eventually merged with American Contractors Indemnity Company to become the West Coast’s largest and most experienced writer to contractors license bonds. Through hard work and dedication to customer service, CSIA has grown over the years and currently has over 50,000 satisfied bond clients, by far the highest number of any agency on the West Coast.

Today CSIA offers other services in addition to contractor’s license bonds, including contract bonds (performance, bid and payment bonds) and general liability, workman’s compensation and commercial automobile insurance through Skyles Insurance Agency.

What We Do

Find out how long your surety company has dealt with claims against California contractor’s license bonds, and how many California contractors they bond. If it is not worth their while to fight unjust claims on behalf of contractors, or if they just don’t have experience in handling claims against contractor’s license bonds, you may well be faced with a “convenience payment claims manager” who could cost you your license.

By maintaining your bond with CSIA, you guard against this and will have peace of mind in knowing that you are bonded by a company that will stand by you and protect your license when unwarranted claims are filed against your bond.

Your full service source for contractor’s license bonds.